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Whenever you think of picking a car on rent, you want to choose the least expensive one, among the models available. Many people today, look towards Rent-a-Wreck, it provides the car on contract hire basis of older model or slightly damaged ones. These are available at very nominal rates .There are other means of hunting for cheapest rental cars on contract hire basis.

Plan Ahead
At times if we plan and book a rental car before time, we are likely to get some discounts or maybe we can fix with low rates. In case our trip requires air tickets, a hotel room, and car, etc we are likely to make great savings through money-saving packages.
Keep Your Options Open

Planning before hand is not always sensible; at times these car rentals also come up with some last-minute deals. An unused car reflects profit that a rental place fails to realize. So, If we desire to pick a rental that isn’t exactly what we are hunting for, we are likely to get a good eleventh hour deal from the car rental place.

Bid Your Own Cheapest Price
Through services such as Priceline, we can decide our own price, all we have to do is to send it to multiple car rental places and wait and watch for who desires to rent the car as our choice. For this, ensure to check the car rental price in the locality you are going to drive in. Do not quote absurdly low price. The best would be not to go below 20% of the least price that you observe in the area. If you fail to get the better offer, you may bid little higher.

Check insurance overlaps
Amid extraordinary efforts and clauses involved in car-rental insurance schemes, it is must to understand that some owners are already covered by their household or auto insurance but most of rental companies ask to pay for insurance. It may be just a money wastage. Check with your existing insurance company prior to signing the insurance documents with renting company. As you are already covered by existing policy, so the cost of rental will come down. The value of car rented is important factor to be considered because the existing auto coverage may be valid for low priced cars.
Take Photographs Of Chosen Car Before Taking Its Delivery

While going to take the delivery of rented car, do not forget to carry camera. Yes you are not going for a picnic but camera can serve other purposes also. Take the photographs of rented car from different angles to ensure its conditions at the time of receiving.

Even the smallest dents or spots should be made noticed and documented. Check the wheel rims, doors, cracks in glass, fenders and bumpers etc. Also check the inside. Taken photos must be capable to define the intensity of existing shortcomings. This practice is helps to diffuse fraudulent claim for damages during rental period.
Do not Buy Gas From The Rental Company

Gas prices are high – no doubt. But some car rental agencies fill up the car tanks with gas before delivery with a clause that the owner will return the car with full tank. In some cases, company fills up the tank and raise separate bill to be paid. Make sure to have enough time for filling up the tank before returning the vehicle. Always return the car with full tank filled.
Get Group Benefits

Approaching a car rental company through travel association or car club may deliver extra advantage of 10-15%. Explore the newspapers and Internet for promotional discount coupons.

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